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At the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim, there are several choral groups, each having different priorities, tasks and aims.

All ensembles are also open to external members; interested singers please contact the head of the ensemble, Prof. Harald Jers and the choir-Hiwi under


*Great Choir * 

The choir of the Musikhochschule Mannheim consists of students from all disciplines and comprises about 50-80 singers. During the semester, the huge choir rehearses weekly on Tuesday evenings and works on choral works from all epochs, which are presented to the public in concerts at the end of the semester. In oratorio and choral symphonic works, the choir works with soloists, brass players and ensembles of the university as well as with the "Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester Mannheim" and other external orchestras. Highlights of recent years include the performances of CPE Bach's "Magnificat", Mozart's Mass in c minor, JS Bach's "Christmas Oratorio", George Frederic Handel's "Messiah" and Josef Haydn's "Creation" as well as "Nelson-Mass" under artistic direction by Prof. Harald Jers.


*Chamber Choir *


The chamber choir of the Musikhochschule Mannheim consists of about 36 singers. Both students of the university and external singers develop semester-wide choral works of all epochs. The chamber choir is an ensemble, which represents the University of Music Mannheim and offers the students an insight into the choral work on semiprofessional level.

The repertoire includes well-known a cappella works as well as seldom heard choir literature. The chamber choir regularly presents concerts in Mannheim and the surrounding area. The choir won great national recognition as a prizewinner at international choir competitions. In addition, there were invitations to national and international festivals and radio broadcasts. The chamber choir received several prizes at the German Choir Festival in Stuttgart in 2016 and a second prize at the International Choir Competition in Derry (Ireland). The greatest successes since the ensemble's existence were achieved by the Chamber Choir in May 2018 by winning the King's Class of mixed chamber choirs with a 1st prize at the German Choir Competition in Freiburg and the third prize at the International Choir Competition in Maribor in April 2019.


*Studio choirs*

The studio choirs of the University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim pursue the purpose of giving students with the subject "choral conducting" the opportunity to experience theoretically and technically learned conducting knowledge practically with the "instrument choir".

The three studio-based choirs are classified according to the performance status of the participating students and consist of students with main subject conducting and as part of a school music study program. Under the guidance of Prof. Harald Jers on a weekly basis, the students learn how to use their own voice with adequate vocal and stylistic flexibility. On the other hand, the methodology in a choir rehearsal and conducting techniques are internalized in order to present different interpretative approaches. With the organization of a final concert at the end of the semester by the students, logistical, organizational and conceptual aspects of the concert situation are also practiced. Thus, the workshop concerts of the studio choirs give the audience an extended insight into the numerous aspects of choral work, taking into account numerous, directing tasks and priorities.





Main Choir,
Christmas Oratory by Bach 2010/11



Mannheim Chamber Choir Massmechelen 2009




studio choir II