Academy of Dance

Director: Prof. Birgit Keil

Student Accommodation / Boarding School



I. Boarding School                    (Prospectus)

(Accommodation only for junior students)

 Students please contact Mannheim Student Services.

The Academy of Dance and the Boarding School of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt und der Handwerkskammer Mannheim (Mannheim Workers' Welfare Association and the Chamber of Crafts) have established a partnership that gives priority to individual requirements. As a result, individually arranged contracts between parents and the Boarding School are possible. For example, there is the option of a 5-day week (per day € 22.00 incl. breakfast), with the advantage that there is no charge for school holiday periods. In order to take advantage of this arrangement, the room must be vacated during this period. Residence over the weekend can be arranged with the boarding school management. Lunch can be eaten in the University of Music refectory in the building of the Academy of Dance. Small apartments on one floor (4 people with 2 people per room) are specially available for dancers in order to ensure optimum group communication.

Registration is to be made directly with the Boarding School Director

Mr. Richard Matuszewska

Tel.: 0621 / 30 10 21

Fax: 0621 / 30 20 95

with the reference "Academy of Dance" by 15.07. of each year in written form.

If you take tram line 4 or 5 from the Kunsthalle stop (directly at the Academy of Dance) to the Exerzierplatz stop, the Boarding School of the

Arbeiterwohlfahrt & Handwerkskammer

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 115 – 117

Postfach 10 16 46

68167 Mannheim

can be reached in 15 minutes.


II. Luisen-Stephanien-Stiftung

(Accommodation only for junior students)

With St. Anton the Academy of Dance has been able to establish a unique form of partnership especially suited to the younger academy members. Comprehensive care and supervision are provided for the boarders which, if required is available over the weekend and during school holidays. The single bedroom accommodation is equipped with a toilet and shower, with the exception of two rooms. In it's system of organisation each individual can be catered for, so that they receive optimal guidance and care.

Application for boarding can be made directly to the home manager Mrs. Claudia Deißler.

For example:


Accommodation costs   210 Euros a month
Additional costs Breakfast 1 Euro per day
  Lunch 2 Euro per day
  Evening meal 1 Euro per day



Karl-Blind-Str. 6

68199 Mannheim

Tel.: 0621 / 83332-0

Fax: 0621/ 83332-30


The home can be reached by public transport (Tram-line 1) travelling in the direction of Rheinau (stop Tattersall, a short walk from the academy). Lettestraße, the destination is reached in approximately 10 minutes.

Each pupil admitted to the academy is able to choose an appropriate school from a list, so that a transfer can be made comfortably. All school types exist within ten minutes walk or Tramride from the academy, which keeps travelling to a minimum. Homework and preparation can be done in the academy lower school Common-room, or at the place of residence.

Students that are interested in taking up this offer are able to choose the type of school from the list below which best corresponds to their existing level of education. This makes the process of changing schools easier.




D 7, 8,  
68159 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 293-3030


Roonstr. 4 – 6
68165 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 293-6700


Wespinstr. 21 – 25
68165 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 293-6524


Feldbergstr. 16
68163 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 83 39 90


Käfertaler-Str. 117
68167 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 293-8247


Tullastr. 25
68161 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 293-6320


Otto-Beck-Str. 5 – 7
68165 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 293-6751

Freie Waldorfschule

Waldorfschulverein e.V.
Neckarauer Waldweg 131
68199 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 85 30 06


Belfortstr. 45 –47
68199 Mannheim
Tel. 0621 / 85 13 07