Admission and matriculation process


Admission requirements

The provisions of the Baden-Württemberg University and Vocational Academy Act (LHG) version dated 01.01.2005 (GBl. Page 1 et seqq.).



  1. Matriculation and admission to follow a course of studies at a university of the arts requires:

  1. proof of general or subject related university entrance qualification ('A' Levels or equivalent) and

  2. proof of artistic suitability for the chosen course of study (Entrance examination).

Applicants with a background that only entitles them to follow a certain course of studies (subject related university entrance qualification) can only be admitted to this course of studies. The university entrance qualification is acquired in accordance with the professions of the Education Act. It can be acquired on the basis of knowledge and training or foreign education that is recognised as having equal value by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs. The Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts will decide on the equivalency of foreign education certificates.

  1. In accordance with Subsection 1 Sentence 1 No. 2, proof of artistic suitability for the chosen course of studies will be demonstrated by the successful completion of an entrance examination which is to be carried by a committee at the school of arts to which the application for admission has been made. Details regarding the examination process are governed by the Admission and Matriculation articles.

  2. The requirements of Subsection 1 Sentence 1 No. 1 can be put aside for certain suitable artistic courses of study if the applicant demonstrates a special artistic talent and sufficient general education for studying by means of the Academic Aptitude Test. General education sufficient for studying is to be demonstrated by writing an essay on a topic from the field of music respectively dance.

This does not apply to courses of study that culminate in an examination for a state teaching qualification.


Important dates for the admission process

The admission process takes place twice a year. For the courses Jazz/Popular Music, Music Teacher and additional main subject Elementary Music Pedagogy this takes place once a year.


Admission process

The Study Office is responsible for information, applications and decisions regarding all matters of application and admission to a course of studies (conditions for matriculation, forms and deadlines)

Please inform the Study Office of any changes of address immediately.