University courses of study

The following courses of study are offered by the University:

You will find information about the new studycourses

Bachelor of Music (artistic specialisation and artistic-pedagogical specialisation ),

Master of Music (artistic studies),

Bachelor of Arts (specialisation dance und specialisation dance pedagogy) and

Master of Arts (specialisation dance und specialisation dance pedagogy),

which will start in winterterm 2009/2010 right here.

Undergraduate courses of study:

Postgraduate courses of study:

The study plans of the individual courses of study clarify the conditions prescribed by the Examination Regulations. This applies in particular to the content and the structure of study as well as the object, the nature, the scope and the order of lectures and studying achievements that belong to a proper course of study. Admission to an examination can be only given to those students that have completed a programme of studies that corresponds with the study plan.

The courses of study culminate in an examination. The examinations are governed by the Examination Regulations.