Music Teacher Study Course


Training for teaching at music schools or as a freelancer

Duration of studies:        8 semesters

Qualification level: German 'Diplom' for Music Teachers (approximately equivalent to a Bachelors Degree)


The following main subjects are offered:

As part of the course of study (except Conducting of Blowing Orchestras), further complementary subjects must be taken.

As part of the degree examination, a dissertation (see Section 22, Subsection 9 of the ML Examination regulations) must be submitted.


The following additional main subjects are furthermore possible:

(only in combination with an instrumental or vocal main subject)

Upon presentation of a completed undergraduate artistic degree with a standard study time of 10 semesters, there is the option of taking a two semester Second course of studies to acquire the Music Teacher qualification.

For further information please also refer to the Terms of admission