Part-time Soloist training (postgraduate studies)


Duration of studies:        8 semesters

Qualification level:    Postgraduate Diploma


Changing to the study course Soloist Training is possible with the agreement of the main subject teacher upon Application at the start of the semester.

(Registration deadline for confirmation deadline 15.1. or 15.7.)

Admission and the study plan are subject to the Examination regulations for the part-time study course soloist training. The part-time study course Soloist Training requires a professionally qualifying completion of a corresponding course of foundational studies.

Admission to the course of study can only be granted if a result of at least 22 points has been achieved in the Entrance examination.

The final examination consists of three parts: a recital at the end of the 4th Semester, a repertoire examination at the end of the 6th Semester (both during normal examination periods) and the performance of a solo work with an orchestra, generally during the 8th Semester.

The dates for the examinations will be set by the University (according to organisational practicalities).


Study plan for instrumental subjects (apart for organ) and voice

Study plan for opera singing