Terms of admission


Here you can find the requirements for the entrance examination.


Basic courses of study

The following exams compulsory subject music theory and compulsory subject aural training are examples from the entrance examination (except jazz dance) for basic courses of studies:

compulsory subject music theory exam, compulsory subject aural training exam,
solution of the compulsory subject aural training exam

compulsory subject aural training (School Music with concentration in Jazz/Popular Music only)

oral examination (School Music only)


Here you will find a list of music-schools which offer preparativ music theory courses for the entrance examination.



Postgraduate courses of study

Please observe the Deadlines for registering for the entrance examination!

From now on, applications for studying can only still be made online. An Information Sheet is also available here in pdf form.

At the following Music Schools preparatory Theory Courses are offered:

Städtische Musikschule Mannheim 0621-2938750
Musik- und Singschule Heidelberg 06221-584350
Musikschule Ludwigshafen 0621-5909244
Musikschule Bruchsaal 07251-3070
Musikschule Frankenthal 06233-4548
Musikschule Kaiserslautern 0631-3652263
Musikschule Landau 06341-380171
Musikschule Neckargemünd 06223-8766
Musikschule Neustadt 06321-3950
Musikschule Rüsselsheim 06142-65097