Appendix to Matriculation Articles


Higher Education Qualification for applicants without a general university entrance qualification ('A' Levels) and foreign applicants between the first and sixth semester.



a) Academic aptitude test

Applicants that are not in possession of qualifications enabling them to study at a university must demonstrate sufficient general education and knowledge in accordance with Section 58 Subsection 7 Sentence 2 of the Regional Universities Act (LHG).


b) German test

Sufficient German language skills for studying are required from foreign students in accordance with Section 60 Subsection 3 Sentence 1 No. 1 LHG




The abovementioned requirements are to be proven by means of a written examination in the form of an essay.

The task is to write an essay on a topic from the field of music. There are three essay topics to choose from. The student is required to tackle one of the topics. Ideas and arguments are to be represented in a clearly expressed manner with logically structured content. The student is to apply their knowledge of music theory and music practice.

The essay should consist of two to three handwritten pages. The examination time allowed is 2 hours.