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On this page you will find further useful information, covering everything from matriculation to the refectory.



When an applicant for a place of study has matriculated they become a student and therefore a member of the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts  

The matriculation is to be carried out at the Study Office on the date stated in the confirmation of admission.


The applicant is to present the following documentation for the matriculation:

  1. Proof of paid contribution to the Student Services Department:

  • Mannheim University of Music     € 80.90

  • Administration cost contribution  € 70.00

The amount is to be paid in to the Universitätskasse Mannheim,  with the reference "Student Services Contribution - the respective semester - Surname, First Name, or transferred to their Account at the Baden-Württembergischen Bank AG, Mannheim.

IBAN: DE40 6005 0101 0002 3655 54


  1. Health insurance certificate so that you are insured for the coming semester

  2. Statistical questionnaire (will be sent to you)

  3. If necessary the record of study with the leaving certificate of the last attended institute of higher education


The applicant will receive the following from the University when they enrol:

  •  Student identity card

The student identity card enables you to prove that you are enrolled as a student of the University in the respective semester. By presenting your student identity card you can take advantage various discounts, in particular with cultural institutions (including price reductions at various theatres and cinemas, museums and exhibitions, operas and concerts, swimming baths, other public institutions and events).

  •  Confirmation of studies

Confirmation of studies/proof of matriculation will be required for a variety of purposes (e.g. Inland Revenue, Housing Benefit Office, Health Insurance Companies etc.)


Rejection of admission

In accordance with Section 60 of the Regional Universities Act (LHG), admission to persons that are in a service, employment or training relationship, or otherwise professionally active or are admitted to another course of studies or wish to be admitted to another course of studies must be rejected. Exceptions are only possible if it can be proven that the possibility exists in terms of time to devote themselves to their studies without limitation and in particular to attend the necessary lectures.


Confirmation - Dates-

Students that wish to continue their studies in the following semester must return their confirmation during the given time period. Confirmation must also be given from students that are on sabbatical leave of absence or intend to take a sabattical leave of absence. Military or civil service obligations are exceptions to this rule.

The confirmation must be carried out within the given time period which is announced on the notice, at least however by 15th January for the following Spring Semester and 15th June for the following Fall Semester. If the student fails to register their confirmation within this set period or if they do not submit all necessary documents within the set period, the student may be granted an extension. This extension ends at the latest four weeks after the last possible standard confirmation date. After this extension has expired, a confirmation can no longer be made. If students make use of this extension or delayed confirmation, an administration fee of € 20,00 is to be paid.


When making your confirmation the following documents are to be presented

  1. Payment of the Student Services Contribution using the pre-printed remittance slip.

  2. Any changes of address (if not already registered)

In accordance with the respective examination regulations, matriculated students are to prove they have attended the lectures required for their course of study by entering these lectures in their record of study. Carefully recording the lectures with the name of the lecturer and the number of semester week hours is in the interests of the student as this facilitates a simple and fast method of documenting the course of the studies.

If you decide to make a written confirmation, it is necessary for you to send the Study Office your documents together with a self-addressed envelope with a € 0.70 stamp.


Sabbatical leave of absence

Upon application, students can be released from their obligation to following a standard course of study due to substantial reasons (sabbatical). The length of the sabbatical should generally not exceed two semesters.

Students that have taken a sabbatical do not participate in the self-government of the University. They are not entitled to attend lectures or to use university facilities, exceptions to this are facilities defined by Section 28 of the LHG.

If an application is made for a sabbatical on the grounds of a planned period of study abroad or to commence a practical activity that serves the purpose of study, the application for the sabbatical should be made at the latest by the end of the preceding semester. In other cases a sabbatical is excluded if more than half of the lectures for the semester have been attended. A retrospective sabbatical is equally excluded. However, the recognition of a sabbatical semester can still be made after the second half of the semester if less than half number of the semester week hours in the main subject lesson has been given for reasons that are not attributable to the student.



Students that wish to leave the University can apply to de-register upon submission of their record of study, student identification card and a exoneration slip from the University library.

Furthermore, in certain cases a student can be de-registered "ex officio". Details are governed by the LHG.



Provided no other form of publication is specified by statutory law, statutes and other official announcements will be made public by notice on the following listed information boards of the Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts:


N 7, 18  Ground floor - East wing

N 7, 17  Ground floor - Foyer


The notice period amounts to one month.

Basic regulations and statutes come into effect on the first day of the month following their announcement unless any other point in time is specified.


Administration cost contribution

An administration cost contribution is charged for the administrative services that the University performs for the students outside of the scope of academic support. This includes services connected with matriculation, sabbatical leaves of absence, confirmation of studies and the central studies support centre. The administration cost contribution amounts to 70 Euros for each semester.


Student health insurance

In order to enrol at the University, student applicants are required to provide a certificate of insurance from the health insurance organisation that they are covered by. The certificate of insurance contains details on whether the student will be insured or does not need to be ensured at the beginning of the semester for which they wish to enrol and whether they are exempt of the insurance obligation or are not subject to the insurance requirement at the beginning of the semester for which they wish to enrol.

Students will receive the necessary certificate of insurance from their heath insurance organisation for their first enrolment at the University through being insured or arranging to be insured as a policy holder or through being insured with their family insurance.

Students that are not ensured through the statutory health insurance scheme when they commence their studies will receive their certificate of insurance from the health insurance company with which they were insured with as a policy holder or through their family insurance. It is of no importance how long ago the last policy or family insurance was held. If the student does not have a previous health insurance policy, one of the health insurance organisations listed in Section 173 of the Code of Social Law V shall be responsible for the issuing of the certificate of insurance.

Students that have made use or wish to make use of the exemption option as defined in Section 8 Subsection 1 No. 5 of the Code of Social Law V shall receive their certificate of insurance from the health insurance organisation that has granted the exemption.

The guide "Insurance for Students (Krankenversicherung für Studierende)“ (Publisher: DSW) is available at the information stand of the Mannheim Student Services at cost price. (Central refectory at the ice rink)


Accident insurance

All students are insured by statute against accidents that occur within the grounds of the University and its facilities as well as on the way to and from University buildings or that occur in connection with their studies (including excursions). Accidents must be reported by the affected students to the Study Office.


Scholarships and grants

In addition to state funded support available from the Federal Education and Training Support Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz - Bafög), the following financial support options exist:

  1. General grant affairs (Prof. Rudolf Meister)

  2. Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes - study foundation (Prof. Rudolf Meister)

  3. Müller Scholarship (Administrative Director Thilo Fischer)

  4. Lions Club (Administrative Director Thilo Fischer)

  5. DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service (Administrative Director Thilo Fischer)

  6. Deutschlandstipendium (Administrative Director Thilo Fischer)

Further scholarships and grant schemes will be announced by means of notices and sectional group speakers.

Information about scholarships and grants for foreign students, in particular those issued by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), can be obtained from the diplomatic and consular representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany in your country. They will give you precise information on application deadlines and the centres to which the applications must be submitted.

A detailed overview is provided in the brochure by the Academic Exchange Service "How about studying abroad (Warum nicht mal im Ausland studieren)“. Partner universities in Europe and overseas are listed in the brochure.




Loans from the Student Services Department (Studierendenwerk)

Students that are at the end phase of their studies and who are no longer financed for their continued studies by the Educational Support Office because they have exceed the maximum support period can approach the Student Services Department. In cases of hardship, the Student Services Department will grant an interest free loan up to a maximum amount of € 3000.00.

The Student Services Department can also assist other financial emergency situations. Guidelines and application forms can be obtained from the Mannheim Student Services Department, Tel. 0621/49072-531, only after agreement by telephone.




As the office for Educational Support, the Student Services Department is responsible for the educational support of the students.


Foreign Student Support Committee of the University

  • Vice-President Prof. Ehrhard Wetz

  • Chancellor Thilo Fischer


Foreign student support service

Mirjam Becher

Tel.. 0621/292-3534


The International Academic Office is responsible for the preparation, implementation and care of the international duties of the University.

This includes: Academic exchange as part of cultural agreements, information for German academics about the possibilities available to spend time abroad, scholarships, grants and financial aid, information for German students about studying abroad, scholarships and grants for German students and graduates to study abroad. Information for foreign student applicants and students about the possibilities to apply, enrol and study; support and advice for foreign students and guest students.



Meldebehörde (previously Ordnungsamt) - Municipal Registration Office

Passport and Identification Matters, Authentication

K 7

68161 Mannheim

Tel. 0621/293-3255


Pastoral care

Evangelical Student Community

Catholic University Community



Institutions of the Mannheim Student Services Department (Studierendenwerk)


Care of students' children

Kinderhaus N 6,1 

68161 Mannheim

Tel.: 0621/49072-570

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 7:45 -17:15, Friday 7:45 - 4:15 pm

Children from the age of 1 to 6 are accepted. There are currently 70 places available (while a children's building is being constructed). Costs are between € 75 and € 150 for students and between € 100 and € 206 for University employees. Further information can be obtained from the children's building (from Sept. 2003) and the information stand. Registration: in person at the institution.

There are 2 crèche groups and 3 mixed age groups. We have an outdoor playing and a PE and movement room.


General social advisory service

Bismarckstr. 10, Mensa, Eingang A, 68161 Mannheim

Doris Neubauer, Zi. 04, Tel.: 0621 - 49072 530

For all students with personal, social and financial problems.

Visiting hours: Tuesday 13.00-15.30 and Thursday 10:00-13:00, otherwise upon appointment


International student identity card

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is issued by the Mannheim Student Services Department. It offers discounts including accident insurance in approximately 70 countries. A free of charge handbook is issued with every identity card. The identity card can also be issued to school pupils if they can provide a confirmation of their full-time student status from their school (at least 20 hours per week).

If you are interested, please go to the Student Services information stand in the refectory building at the castle (Schloss).

Bismarckstr. 10

68161 Mannheim

Tel.: 0621/49072-777

The identity card costs € 12.00.

Please bring with you 1 passport photo, your student identity card and your national identity card.


Psychotherapeutic Advisory Centre

Mensa, Eingang C

Bismarckstr. 10

68161 Mannheim

Tel.: 0621 - 49072 555/556, Fax: 0621 - 49072 599




The Student Services Department has set up photocopying machiens in various locations so that students can make photocopies.



  • Mannheim University of Music and Performing Arts  

N 7, 18

68161 Mannheim

1st Floor right (requires a chip card)

  • University of Mannheim, Main Entrance

  • Mensa Academica Mannheim

  • Business Management Library

  • as well as further locations at the University of Mannheim.



Shared housing and housing database for Germany




Elementary music lessons for children

As part of the training received by students that are following the Elementary Music Pedagogy, children's music lessons are also offered in a few small groups:

  • Elementary music lessons for parents and children (babies and toddlers)

  • Elementary music lessons for pre-school children

  • Elementary music lessons for school children

At present there is a waiting list of approximately 250 children. Further information and an application form for the waiting list can be obtained from Prof. Elias Betz.

Normally the Mannheim City Music School  provides children of different ages with music lessons, mostly without waiting times.